How Much Does Invisalign® Cost

Invisalign® usually costs more than braces, and the price difference when compared to braces may be about $900 more which can be broken down into monthly payments. A full Invisalign® treatment may be about $5800 (rough estimate and can be more or less). This price would include everything such as the records, Invisalign® trays, treatment, retainers, and retainer checks. However, some treatments are less severe and can cost less. There are other clear aligner companies out there but only one Invisalign® company which started in 1997. Winning Smiles Orthodontics offers genuine Invisalign® treatment over other companies because Invisalign® has put a tremendous amount of time, research, and development into its product. The company and its product have evolved over time and improvements in the aligner system have been implemented over the years. We feel Invisalign® is at the top of the clear aligner manufacturers, which is why we choose to offer Invisalign treatment. Remember to always look for the Invisalign brand. There is a larger down payment with Invisalign due to the fabricating costs. You can always find out exactly how much it will would be for braces or Invisalign® treatment at our complimentary consultation.

Will My Insurance Cover Invisalign®?

Many dental insurance policies do cover Invisalign® treatment. If your insurance covers orthodontic care, it may also cover Invisalign®. In fact, many plans cover as much as $2500 toward Invisalign® treatment. In addition to your traditional dental insurance policy, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds can also be used for Invisalign®.

Are There Any Other Cost Considerations?

Because Invisalign® uses a series of clear, removable aligners, it has little impact on your appearance and lifestyle, allowing you to freely pursue professional and personal goals without hindrance. While traditional braces sometimes make adults feel uncomfortable in social and business settings, Invisalign® is removable, allowing you to act and eat normally with friends and colleagues alike. With clear Invisalign®, you can straighten your teeth in a way that is both comfortable and allows you to feel confident at home and at work.

Invisalign® is an esthetic investment in your smile with long-term value! Call us for more information.