Unplanned Events

True emergencies (e.g. severe swelling of the gums or face, lip gets caught up in brace due to a sports accident, etc.) are rare in orthodontics. If a true emergency occurs, consider contacting/going to the ER as needed if the office and your dentist cannot be reached.

Poking wire

The wire may slip out of the last brace. It’s okay to leave the wire out until your next visit. It’s also okay if a small piece of wire sticks out of the last brace, even though it can be bothersome as the wire may be too small to clip. If the wire sticking out is longer you’re more than welcome to contact us to clip the wire, although you can wait until your next appointment if you wanted to. Getting the area dry and placing wax can help too.

Loose brace

A brace may come off the tooth. If it’s the last brace, you can throw the loose brace away. If it’s between other braces and slides on the wire, you can leave it there until your next visit. Please call us to let us know so we can schedule time to place the brace back on.

Blue bite ramps

These are to help open the bite for different reasons. If you have these and one side comes off then it’s okay and we can place the other back on at your next visit. If both sides come off and bothering then you can call the office to place them back on.

General soreness

The soreness is usually the most when the braces are first put on. Advil® (if no allergies and not pregnant) can help. Read and follow the directions on the package. Following adjustment visits, the teeth may be sore again but usually not as sore as when the braces were first placed. Advil® is not usually needed for these adjustment visits.